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Enter the worlds of LL Soares. Some of these include:

Life Rage

Rock 'N' Roll


Buried in Blue Clay

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Buried in Blue Clay cover_FINAL.jpg

The Bram Stoker Award-Winning first novel by LL Soares. This one is about demons who think they're human, that feed on rage, lust, and death, and the humans who love, hate, and fear them.

Lash, a man with the strange ability to intensify the pleasure of his clients, must make major life choices when he accidentally channels death instead of lust.

Merry is an ex-cop. His new girlfriend is a young porn actress. His ex-wife is a professional torturer. When you add a serial killer to the mix, things are going to get messy.

Reddy Soames goes back to the city where he grew up, Blue Clay, Massachusetts. He's there to write its urban legends, and is drawn into the orbit of HEK, a charismatic figure who will lift the veil and show Reddy the Blue Clay no one else can see.

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